Debunking IPC As One Of The Best International Primary School Curricula

IPC or International Primary Curriculum is one of the education layouts that loved and acknowledged globally. Many schools implement the curriculum to provide a global education, with vast reach and thematic approach. It helps international school in Jakarta, such as Global Sevilla. So, how good is it? Here is what you should read beforehand.

Get To Know IPC

As it is made for young children at the age of 5 to 11, the curriculum provides a vast subject and engaging activities. The curriculum also offers clear learning goals that stay hand in hand with the English national curriculum and international Curricula. That is why IPC underlines the term of cross-curricular and thematic aspects.

The curriculum itself is made by fieldwork education and uses for more than 1000 schools in over 90 countries. As well as creating a perfect education layout for young students, the curriculum underlines the aspect of creative implementation. It is also comprehensive with almost all subjects under its radar. Thus a great option to encourages personal learning. 

The Goals

Under its promises and premises, the IPC has three objectives. It is separated into three areas, which are personal development, subject-specific and international understanding. International school di Jakarta can use this curriculum to support and complement the national curriculum. Thus, help students get the grounding of international standard.

The personal development area envelops the students’ advance in every aspect. It includes cooperation, respect, morality, community, inquiry, adaptability, thoughtfulness, and resilience. At the same time, the IPC also focuses on subjects. It complements cross-curricular themes, which include all subjects such as science, art, geography, music, technology, to history. 

As a curriculum that is meant for younger pupils, the IPC underlines the development of fun, engaging, and supporting activities. It provides context for learning that easy to adapt even with cultural differences. That is why it also has an international understanding that focuses on strong intercultural awareness. Thus, students can learn and understand more about the world.

The Benefits

When talking about benefits, students get the chance to adapt with a more international level of understanding. IPC also help international school di Jakarta to integrate another curriculum so it meets with the education requirement. The curriculum also helps parents to engage, collaborate, and understand the relevance of the study at home.

The idea of implementing IPC as one of the primary school curricula comes across Global Sevilla institution’s minds. It provides a vast education for 5-11 years old students who are in the stages of developing their skills and basic knowledge. IPC also provides thematic, cross-curricular, and rigorous teaching structure, which help non-native English country education.

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