From 20-22 October, visit Oxford’s stand at CIEB, the IV International Conference on Bilingual Education in Educational Institutions. This year’s theme is “El Bilingüismo a debate.”

Oxford is pleased to bring the following presenters to CIEB:

  • Nina Lauder – “It’s not the same old story”

Stories aren’t just for ELT classes—they are also a powerful tool when used in CLIL subjects. Discover how you can develop lower order and higher order thinking skills by using stories in your CLIL classroom.

  • Angela Cofiño – “Think, Do, Learn & Enjoy!”

If you teach Natural or Social Sciences in Primary, this talk is for you! Join us to learn practical ideas and activities that work with science concepts in order to develop writing skills, improve vocabulary, revise, and memorise content.

  • Alison Blair – “Thinking in Shapes”

Have you wondered how Primary students develop their thinking skills? In this session we’ll discuss how students can use graphic organisers to compare and contrast, classify, sequence and analyse cause and effect.

  • Katharine Scott – “Literacy – the missing skill”

Literacy isn’t simply reading comprehension—it also includes oral expression, reading analysis and writing skills. Join us to discuss developing these keystone skills within a bilingual programme.


For further information, please visit CIEB’s website.