Sketchnotes: concept note-taking

Sandy Millin's sketchnotes for Katherine Bilsborough At first glance you might simply see mindless doodling, but these sketchnotes (created by Sandy Millin at our Meet the Authors Mallorca) also have cognitive benefits and you may want to give them a go with your students.

You may find that your students connect more with the notes they are taking as they draw images to illustrate ideas. Also, thanks to the illustrations and graphics the notes are much more interesting and attractive, which can result in the note-taker reviewing their notes more often on their own – and with classmates. These are just a few benefits but there are plenty more to consider.

Need extra encouragement to try with your students? They’re likely already familiar with the concept of sketchnotes as it resembles the ever popular infographics and whiteboard animations – remember this one about education paradigms?

Why not try out sketchnotes with your students in class one day this week? They’ll love the change of pace and the chance to draw their notes – and they may even remember them better!

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MTA Valencia & Vigo Photo Galleries

PHOTOCALL-33PHOTOCALL-14The Meet the Authors Valencia and Vigo photo galleries are now up and running.

Have a look around and find your pictures from the event!


MTA Valencia Photo Gallery

MTA Vigo Photo Gallery

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Meet the Authors photo galleries are up!

Javier de Agustín AldeguerWe’ve been having lots of fun at this year’s Oxford Meet the Authors all across Spain! It’s such an inspiration to see so many teachers participating in professional development in the evenings and at the weekend! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication throughout the year – it’s an honour to be working alongside all of you.


If you joined us on a Saturday, or if you’d like to see what we’ve been up to, click on your location below and enjoy the pictures!

Valladolid     Barcelona     Madrid

Coming soon…Valencia


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Did you know that Oxford University Press is on social media?

You can follow Oxford ELT Spain on Twitter at @OUPELTSpain or find us on Facebook via Oxford University Press – ELT to connect with the teaching community, receive updates about the latest educational news, concepts and events, enter competitions, and much more! You can also subscribe to the OUPSpain Youtube channel, where you’ll find some video highlights of our recent events.







During the Meet the Authors events you can share any of your pictures or comments on our Twitter page @OUPELTSpain using the hashtag #MTA… and your city, for example #MTAMadrid. We’d love to see your photos and hear about your experiences!

Don’t forget if you haven’t already signed up, there is still time to register for all of the upcoming events! Join us for a fantastic lineup of workshops with ELT & CLIL authors and experts, so don’t delay and register today!


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First stop, MTA Valladolid!

Meet the Authors 2015 is finally underway! First stop was Valladolid, which took place on Saturday 21st March. We thoroughly enjoyed the event and found all the sessions truly engaging and captivating!

The teachers had the chance to spend time with the authors and experts and gain some practical tips and activities for the classroom as well as have some fun with the surprises we had to offer! You can see all the photos from the event including the photocall in the Meet the Authors photo gallery, click here to see them!

Here is just a taster of what happened last Saturday in Valladolid:


Don’t forget you can also share any of your pictures on our Twitter page @OUPELTSpain using the hastag #MTAValladolid!

Next stop, Andalucía; in Málaga and Sevilla on the 15th and 16th April respectively. You can see the full details for all the upcoming events for either Primary or Secondary Education or register directly by clicking on the image below:


We look forward to seeing you there!

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Meet the Authors 2015

Finally the wait is over! You can now sign up for all of the Oxford Meet the Authors events; our annual face-to-face teacher training experience for English Language and Content teachers.

To register, simply click on the image below and complete the short registration form.


Please join us for a fantastic lineup of workshops with ELT & CLIL authors and experts. For full programme details in your region and registration click on your level below:

Pre-Primary & Primary

Secondary & Upper Secondary

We’ve got something for everyone and some surprises in store! Don’t miss out and register today to meet the experts and experience Oxford Professional Development for yourself!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Stuck for classroom ideas?

We’re more or less at the halfway point of the year and your classes are at full flow, but are you still looking for new ideas to freshen up your classroom dynamics?

New technologies are becoming ever more important in the classroom, not just to present content but also to keep the students motivated and engaged. Technology is constantly evolving which means there are new apps, web pages, philosophies and methodologies being developed on a regular basis. A simple Google search will bring up millions of ideas, but it can be quite time-consuming sifting through the results!

Apps like Pinterest are very fashionable at the moment where users can share and upload content to an online community for others to explore and use. If you are stuck for ideas or just looking for something new, a quick search is sure to stimulate your imagination.tablet

A quick and easy activity you could try is to ask your students to write a letter to their future selves; to talk about what they were doing on a specific day, something they would like to achieve or even predict the future. This activity can of course be done with a pencil and paper, but why not make it more exciting for students by using With this ingenious website anyone can write an email to their future self and programme a date for it to be sent back to their inbox. Give it a try!

Are you in need of a better way to communicate with your students? We know that communication between teachers and students, particularly via instant messaging like SMS or Whatsapp, is often problematic. You may want to take a look at a new educational app we’ve come across called Remind. This service has been dubbed the Whatsapp for teachers, as it allows them to safely send text messages to students and stay in touch with parents without ever revealing personal phone numbers. El País recently published an article about Remind after was officially released at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Click here to read the full article and to watch a short promotional video about this new communication tool.

Have a look and try something new!

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Talking about CLIL with Dr. David Marsh

Last year we had the pleasure of an audience with CLIL guru Dr. David Marsh and CLIL experts in our Oxford CLIL Congress that took place in Madrid, Ciudad Real, Valladolid and Murcia. All of the different sessions were very well-received, and teachers were eager to participate in the engaging and motivating workshops and lectures.

For those of you who may not know Dr. David Marsh, he has been named one of the forefathers of the tem and methodology Content and Language Integrated Learning. In Finland he has played a huge role in transforming the education system, and he’s also been instrumental in launching CLIL in Europe.DM

After the Oxford CLIL Congress in Valladolid we managed to catch up with Dr. David Marsh and speak one-to-one about his experience with CLIL in Finland and what the future holds for integrated education. You can watch this never before seen interview with Dr. David Marsh right here on the Oxford Professional Development site by clicking on the following links to our Youtube channel:

  1. Experience with CLIL
  2. Models of CLIL
  3. Future of CLIL

In these three short videos Dr. Marsh provides insight into the world of CLIL, how we can move forward and what we can learn from other education systems.

We hope you enjoy them!

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Webinars are back!

To continue our promise of on-going training we have the pleasure of announcing the OxJamie Keddieford Webinars calendar for the second trimester. Once again we are offering something for everyone, from Pre-Primary to Upper Secondary, ELT and Bilingualism.

As usual you’ll get to hear from our authors and expert teacher trainers firsthand – we hope you connect to share ideas with these truly talented ELT professionals. This trimester you can join Jamie Keddie for his webinar about Storytelling for Teenagers, discuss the LOMCE with Plácido Bazo as well as discover new ideas for yoPlácido Bazour Arts & Crafts or Sciences classes in the Bilingual webinars that we have on offer.

For the full calendar and to register, go to the Upcoming Webinars & Registration tab, or click here.

If you have never attended an Oxford Webinar, we thoroughly recommend it! It’s simple and easy to connect, and you don’t need to be a computer whizz-kid to participate!

We hope to see you online!

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Michael Swan book signing at International House Conference in Barcelona!

Oxford Umswanniversity Press is delighted to announce that Michael Swan is giving not one, but two talks at the International House Conference in Barcelona on the 6th and 7th of February.

And not only will you have the chance to see Michael behind the microphone but we have the pleasure to offer you a unique opportunity to meet him and get your book signed!

Look out for Michael at the Oxford stand on Saturday 7th of February and don’t forget to bring your book!

You can see the grammarian in either or both of his talks at the conference.

  • Friday 6th February – 17:00—17:50

What is happening in English, and how much does it matter?

  •  Saturday 7th February – 14:45—15:35

Grammar doesn’t have to be grey

 ***Important! You will need to register beforehand to be able to attend the conference. For conference details and registration information for the International House Conference in Barcelona, click here.


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